Lace DIY Ideas - Lace Cami

Lacy Spring – Lace DIY Ideas

March 13, 2013

Lace DIY Ideas - Lace Cami

Lace seems to be one of those trends that always manages to reinvent itself, and this season whether it is softening the edginess of the punk influences we love so much, or whether it’s bringing a bit of Victorian charm into our minimalist homes, it seems to be everywhere. Personally, I am definitely going ga-ga over these amazing lace DIY ideas and I am set on trying to reproduce the amazing looking lacy tank top. Now if I could only decently sew…

Lace DIY Ideas - Lace Jar

Lace DIY Ideas - Lace Lamp

Have a brilliant day!


Photo source Pinterest

Written by Dora Cruceru

“20 something visual merchandiser by day and fashion blogger extraordinaire by night, obsessed with anything mod and vintage sci fi, who stumbled into the amazing world of beautiful things completely by accident and who intends to stay there forever.”

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