Tough Love: Joe Zee

February 19, 2013

All On The Line Joe ZeeI recently watched seasons 1 and 2 of All on the Line with Joe Zee, and I found it not only inspirational, educational, and motivational; but a little bit scathing. As a fashion designer I am constantly asking myself: “Who is my customer?”, “What do they want to wear?”, “What is the next step for my business?”, and “Am I headed in the right direction?”. To hear a fashion industry insider unapologetically tell the truth without hesitation about everything a struggling fashion designer is doing wrong was a little uncomfortable. I could relate to some of their mistakes, and false beliefs about themselves, their brand, and their customer. I got over my discomfort rather quickly as soon as I realized how helpful this was to me.

Another interesting aspect of this show is the behind the scenes look into the designers studios, workspaces, production, lifestyles, and showrooms. For someone who doesn’t live in the heart of the New York Garment District, it was an eye opener. Like me, some of the featured designers work out of their homes and do a lot of the production themselves. What was most helpful was observing the process of the conception of the idea to the finished product.

Joe Zee also places a lot of importance on being a professional and not just a creative. When he sets up meetings with buyers, the expectation is to be on time, prepared, and focused.

This is something that can make or break your chances at your next big break! Ask yourself: “Am I not only creative and inspired, but am I viewed as a professional, well spoken person?”

If you need a little jump start, or are feeling lost in this big competitive industry, take a little piece of advice from Elle Magazine’s creative director: “I don’t understand NOT working until you drop of exhaustion for an opportunity of a life time.” – Joe Zee

Written by Robin Fator

Full time Mom. Wife. Artist. Self Made Fashion Designer. Blogger. Occasional Model. Madonna Lover. Robin is the owner operator behind the handmade brand Dark Pony Designs and currently resides in Northern California.

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